Yan Goldin

Born December 4, 1981 in Moscow.

Graduated Moscow Medical College #5 with honors in 2001

Graduated from Moscow Finance Law University, majoring in Psychology in 2005.

Worked at a pharmaceutical company for year.

Hired as a Commercial Director of newly formed company “Office Market”, where Yan created wholesale and corporate sales division.

Since July 2022, he has been heading the OM of the Unified Supply Service.

Professional Accomplishments

Recipient of an award “Official Supplier of Moscow’s government” from S. S. Sobyanin, Mayor of City of Moscow.

Recipient of an award from Gennadiy Valentinovich Degtev, head of City of Moscow’s Competitive Strategy department

Holder of “Official ambassador” title for the Supplier Portal


Married with two kids

Community Service

Provides direction and oversight to projects helping foster children and families living at poverty levels.

Personal Interests

Enjoys active lifestyle, including Rugby, Judo, Martial Arts, Fitness, Equestrian, Vocal lessons, snowboarding and sharp shooting. Enjoys travelling and visiting museums and theaters.



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